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International Sales

One of the starting cornerstones for Nordic Yacht Works has been International yacht sales. Our knowledge of US Import and International Export requirements is second to none and serving our International clientele still remains as one of the key services we offer. Long distance buying doesn’t need to be stressful or difficult. We keep our customers constantly informed about the progress of the project and by working with us, you only have one contact to communicate with instead of a dozen. All the scheduling and coordination is taken care of and once the shipping schedule is set, we’ll inform you about the arrival schedule to your nearest sea port.

When the boat sourcing is left to Nordic Yacht Works, you will receive dozens of detailed pictures of the boat, inspection and sea trial videos are downloaded on our YouTube channel, so you can see how the boat looks, sounds and performs. Possible discrepancies are documented and repair suggestions and services will be offered. Any issues found during the survey and inspection will be used towards lowering the purchase price to assist with the repairs or improvements needed. With our over 10 years of experience, You’ll be in good hands. Below you can find a list of services, that are normally needed with any US import or International export package.

  • Travel costs to inspect the boat.
  • Actual inspection costs like the surveyor fee, haul outs for hull inspection, possible mechanic fees for mechanical inspection etc.
  • Seller’s documentation verification, possible bank loan payoffs, possible outstanding marina fee payoffs, title and Coast Guard documentation searches.
  • If a boat is financed, the balance due will be deducted from the sellers proceeds and paid directly to the bank. The purchase price remains the same.
  • Boat pick up from the sales location including road transportation or captain fees for a water transportation. (Loading fees apply at most marinas)
  • Possible temporary storage unless the boat will be sent immediately to the port of departure.
  • Full line of Marine Services are available If the imported or exported boat comes through our boat yard location.
  • CE certification if the export boat is destined to the European Union.
  • Prepare the boat for shipping, lower radar arches and any other over height items.
  • Shrink wrap the boat for shipping unless the boat will be transported water to water (Lo-Lo)
  • Shipping line approved transportation cradle. A cradle is not needed if the boat is shipped on a trailer. Note: US trailers cannot be registered in Europe.
  • Road transportation to the port of departure. Note: with some boats, oversize permits and escort drivers are required.
  • Port fees at the port of departure.
  • Export documentation to clear the boat for exports.
  • Ocean Freight to the destination.
  • Taxes and duties based on the destination.
  • Destination port fees.
  • Customs clearance and EPA compliance documentation on vessels imported to the US
  • Shipping insurance is highly recommended.

We will do thorough calculations for the customer to make sure that all the expenses have been factored in before any final purchase decision needs to be made to purchase any specific vessel. The total costs can vary a lot between similar boats just based on the location of the boat. Please contact us directly for further information.