Our Services

Selling or buying a yacht is much like selling or buying a home. The transactions can be complex with escrow accounts and title searches, just like within the real estate business. Yacht Brokers represent their clients in similar fashion as realtors do their clients and with the majority of the transactions, you’ll be happy you had the professional on your side. The role of your broker will be very different whether you’re looking at buying a vessel or selling one. Nordic Yacht Works, Inc. has a long history in representing both buyers and sellers and in many cases, we have been working for both the buyer and the seller at the same time. Usually our clients approach us with an intent to either buy or sell, so we’ll separate the two scenarios here to better explain, why using us as your broker is a wise decision.

After sales service is just as important as making sure that the actual sales transaction is handled professionally and with due diligence. Many buyers want to do upgrades or modifications on the boat they just purchased. Over time the boat will need service work and someone to make sure all systems are functioning as they are intended. Whether it’s customization, added electronics or equipment or just a regular service, Nordic Yacht Works is happy to assist after the sale as well. More information about our Marine Services can be found below.