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Services for Buyers

Please provide some basic details about the vessel you're interested in buying and one of our sales professionals will contact you as soon as possible.

Purchasing a yacht or a boat is a big decision for most of us. Having a professional on your side to help navigate through the process┬ámakes common sense and this is one of the core services for Nordic Yacht Works. What many buyers don’t realize, having a broker work with you in most cases don’t cost you anything. Yacht brokerage works like real estate sales, a commissions is shared between the buyers (Your) broker and the listing broker working for the seller. The total purchase price remains the same.

As a fully licensed and bonded brokerage in Florida, Nordic Yacht Works has the proper escrow accounts for secure money transfers and we work closely with surveyors and title agents to make sure, that the whole process goes smoothly and without surprises. In many cases the yachts are financed or the buyer needs financing. It is crucial to have an expert helping you to make sure the purchase price goes to the right recipients including the finance companies and the seller. One of the main focuses for Your broker, is to make sure You receive all the right documentation for Your purchase.

The single largest reason for a failed sale is a bad survey. Finding a surprise during the survey is a bad situation for both the buyer and the seller as usually the survey is the last formality before closing. Unlike most brokerage companies, Nordic Yacht Works actually has our own dedicated service department capable of carrying out even the most demanding repair and upgrade projects. If an issue comes up during the survey, we can effectively evaluate the situation and come up with a repair plan and an estimate, which can be used to renegotiate the price and save the sale. After the closing, we can take delivery of the vessel and bring it to our service yard location for the repairs and upgrades. For the buyer, this saves a huge amount of headache and work trying to find someone capable of carrying out the repairs with a location set up to do what’s needed etc. Why choose us?

  • Extensive knowledge of boats and systems from years of service and refit experience
  • Turn key delivery capability even on boats needing repairs or modifications to meet the buyers expectations
  • Own service department with access to tens of thousands of marine parts and accessories
  • Owner operated, You come first
  • Fully licensed and bonded by the State of Florida with escrow accounts for safe money transfers
  • Domestic and International delivery capability
  • Road transportation and water deliveries
  • Experience in representing domestic and overseas buyers since 2008